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 Pump Products


Trillium Flow Technologies

Vertical turbine pumps. Specialty designs and materials for virtually every application. UL/FM vertical turbine Fire Pumps. An ISO 9001 Company.

Cascade Pump

Vertical propeller, axial, & mixed flow pumps to 225,000 GPM.

Apptech Solutions

SRTP (structurally reinforced thermoplastic) Packaged Lift Stations.100+ year service life. Most Submersible Pump Brands available.

Myers - Pentair Water

Solids-Handling and other large waste handling pumps, effluent pumps, sump and sewage pumps as well as pumping systems for Municipal, Residential, and Industrial applications.


Largest independent fabricator of Municipal & Commercial Domestic Water Booster Package Sytems.

  • Packaged Fire Pump Systems.
  • Vertical Turbine Boosters.
  • End-Suction Boosters.
  • Vertical Multi-Stage Boosters.

Ruhrpum pen

Broad range of pumping technologies for Municipal & Industrial applications.

  • End Suction Pumps/ANSI.
  • Horizontal Split-Case Pumps.
  • Fire Pumps.
  • Column Pumps.
  • Self Priming.
  • Solids-Handling.

Global Pump Marketing

Global Pump Distributor for well-known European pump manufacturers.

Centrifugal pump manufacturer for a large variety of applications.
  • Single & twin impeller centrifugal pumps.
  • Swimming pool pumps.
  • Peripheral & gear pumps.
  • Multi-stage pumps.
  • Self-priming pumps.
  • Submersible drainage & sewage pumps.
  • Circulating pumps.

DP Pumps USA

Multi-stage vertical centrifugal inline pump manufacturer. Excellent alternative to the Grundfos CR product line.

  • Water Treatment.
  • Washing & Cleaning sytems.
  • Filtration systems.
  • Water Pressure Boosting.
  • HVAC.
  • Industrial Processing Systems.


Centrifugal & positive displacement pumps for marine, naval & industrial fields. Core business marine & naval fields.

  • Vertical inline pumps.
  • Vertical inline double-suction pumps.
  • Recessed impeller torque flow pumps.
  • Vertically suspended line-shaft pumps.
  • Chemical pumps.
  • Diathermic oil circulation pumps.
  • Multi-stage high pressure pumps.
  • Side channel pumps.
  • Gear pumps.
  • Hollow oscillating disk pumps.


Ball check valves. Great for difficult abrasive & corrosive solids. Self-cleaning. NPT & Flanged available.


Self-priming centrifugal & internal gear pumps.


Thermoplastic chemical pump manufacturer.

  • Horizontal centrifugal pumps.
  • Vertical centrifugal pumps.
  • AODD pumps.
  • Self-priming pumps.


Magnetic drive sealless pump manufacturer. Alloy & Thermoplastic pumps.

  • Regenerative Turbine pumps.
  • Sliding Vane pumps.
  • Oscillating Piston pumps.
  • Casted centrifugal pumps.
  • Injection-moulded centrifugal pumps.


Submersible solids-handling, dry pit submersible solids-handling, dry pit solids-handling, wastewater pumps, grinder pumps, complete lift stations and mixed and axial flow submersible pumps.


Global manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps, grinders and macerators for the Industrial & Municipal markets.


Electric submersible pumps and controls. Oil-Minder System allows water pumpage without oil. Ideal for transformer vaults, lechate wells, and sumps. High-Temp pumps available.

Thompson Pump 

Industry leader in the development of high quality engine-powered portable pumps for construction, by-pass, dewatering, public works, municipalities, mining, sewer/lift stations, water/wastewater and agriculture.


Manufacturer of lube free, non-stalling, Air-Diaphragm pumps.


Chicago Industrial Pump 

Manufacturer of "Pitbull" pneumatic ejector pumps.

Carter Pump 

Plunger sewage sludge pumps & pneumatic ejectors.


March Pump 

US Manufacturer of Centrifugal Sealless Magnetic Drive Pumps for Chemical, Industrial, Medical, Marine, Municipal, Solar & OEM applications. 

  • Flows from 1/2 gpm to 200 gpm.
  • Heads to 160 feet.
  • Plastic & metallic construction.
  • AC, DC, explosion proof & air motors.
  • Submersible & non-submersible.

Mody Pumps 

Headquarted in Bakerfield, CA., Mody is an ISO certified pump manufacturer offering a wide variety of high quality submersible wastewater, grinder, slurry and dewatering pumps.